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What to Do With Pool Chemicals: Safe Storage Practices

In Orlando, Florida swimming pools are a great way to spend the day with children and friends. However, swimming pool chemicals can be dangerous if not stored properly. In this blog post, we will discuss safe storage practices for swimming pool chemicals in your home or business. We will also review some of the most common swimming pool chemical products on the market today, and offer tips about how to use them safely around people and pets.

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Where to Store Your Pool Chemicals It is important to know where and how you should store your pool chemicals. Before identifying a proper storage area, it's best to first identify the type of climate in which you live because that will have an impact on what kind of shed or location for indoor storage space would be appropriate.

For example, if living in a hot region with frequent heat waves during summer months (in locations such as Florida), then storing them outdoors may not be ideal; instead, find an outdoor shed with protection from direct sunlight but still near enough so they can breathe fresh air through ventilators when necessary. Tips for Storing Your Pool Chemicals It is important to store pool chemicals in a safe and efficient manner. To do so, consider purchasing a hard plastic bin with a tight-fitting lid for each chemical that you have stored. This will help separate the different types of items because not all chlorine or algaecides can be mixed together!

The bins should also only be placed on level ground but never above your head height as this may cause spills that are difficult to clean up quickly (especially if they're near water). Make sure to read through regulations set by local authorities about storage before storing any products at home.

Keeping your pool area neat and orderly requires considering what type of containers best suit both individual needs, environmental factors such as location preferences when it comes time to use them, and safety concerns. Check out these tips on storing your chemicals from The Clean Pool Company: Keep Children in Your Consideration For your child's safety, pool chemicals should never be left unattended. Store these deadly liquids in high cabinets or on the top shelf of a closet away from children and pets that might try to get into them. Be sure not to leave any spilled messes for curious fingers-to-mouths people like you!

Find the Perfect Spot

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best place for your pool chemicals. In addition to being in direct sunlight and next to an area that gets wet, you should also be aware of the effects it will have on those around it with allergies or asthma.

The most important factor is whether or not anyone has any kind of ailment that would make them sensitive towards some substances like chlorine gas. If they do then storing near their home may cause more harm than good but if no one nearby suffers from these conditions then having them out in open air can provide many benefits such as easier access, less risk of getting knocked over because there’s nothing blocking its path where people might walk by accidentally bumping into it. Make Sure Containers are Closed When Not in Use There are a lot of chemicals that we use in our everyday lives, and many people have the misconception that they will not harm anyone as long as they don't spill them. But this is just inaccurate- if you aren’t using your chemical right away then it's best to put the lid back on so nobody gets exposed!

If you're storing unused chemicals around your home or workspace, please make sure to close up those containers when nobody is actively using them because even small spills can hurt someone who comes into contact with these dangerous materials. Don’t Reuse Old Chemical Containers

It is not a good idea to reuse empty chemical containers. Chemicals can have negative impacts if they are reused by people who do not know about what the chemicals could be used for or how to go about using them properly, and you might end up with some really bad reactions as well! Wash Your Hands So, if you're one of those people who loves to spend a hot summer day by the pool (or in it), take our advice and always wash your hands after handling any type of swimming pool chemical - or else! You don't want that residue on your fingers in case you touch something later that could cause problems whether that be food, door handles, etc. Keep Chemicals Away From the Following

Pool chemicals are not safe to store near any of these products:

Glue, paints, gasoline, fertilizers/herbicides. Turpentine and grease or oils can also pose serious risks if they come into contact with pool cleaners—keep them separated during storage! Storing Your Pool Chemicals - The Right Way With these ideas, you can preserve your pool chemicals and keep them in a good condition. This will leave you focusing on the most important thing: swimming! If you or someone you know is in need of a professional pool maintenance service in the Central Florida area, give us a call today! We pride ourselves on treating our customers with honesty and integrity - just like how we would want to be treated. Whether you need weekly or bi-weekly cleaning for your enclosed pool or unenclosed pool, we can help.

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