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Pool Pumps 101: How Variable Speed Pool Pumps Work

It's summertime, and many of us are taking a break from our work. But for those of you who have pools, it may not be such an easy task to take a day off (though we recommend it!). That's because pool maintenance is key in the hot months when your pool can get really dirty quickly. One important part of this process is selecting the best pump for your pool. With so many options on the market today, it can be hard to know what will work best for you - luckily The Clean Pool Company is here to help!

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Today, we will talk about how variable speed pumps work and why they could be perfect for your swimming needs. Swimming pools take a lot of work to keep them clean and functioning properly. One thing that can make your pool maintenance easier is picking the right pump for you and your pool's needs. There are two main types of pumps: sand filters, which filter the water through sand, and variable speed pumps. This blog post will help you understand how variable speed pool pumps work and why they are the best option on the market these days for pool owners. Pools are a great way to spend your summer, but they also can be a pain to maintain. You have to spend countless hours cleaning the pool and its filters, adjusting chemical levels, and monitoring water quality. One of the most important pieces in this process is the pump that circulates water from your pool filter back into the body of water. Many people don't know much about their pumps or how well it's working for them. Today we are going to lift the curtain on the mystery that is pool pumps.

How Pool Pumps Work

Swimming pool pumps are the workhorses of swimming pools. Without them, you'd have to constantly refill your pool with water overnight for it not to turn into a murky mess! You know they’re important for properly maintaining your pool, but how do they work? Pools are kept clean and sanitized thanks to the efforts of a pump, which provides circulation for chemicals by pumping water through pipes. Your pool is like a living, breathing organism. Like the human body with its circulatory system that transports oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout our bodies while removing waste products from them, your swimming pool needs an organic pump for circulation as well. The most important part of this motor-driven process are impellers - these spin at high speeds within the pumping chamber in order to create the pressure needed for flow through pipes or hoses and then out into your filter which catches any grit before it causes problems downstream so you can enjoy clean water all summer long! A variable speed pump adjusts its revolutions per minute (rpm) based on need rather than running at one constant speed as conventional pumps do.

Why Variable Speed is the Best Option for Your Pool There are a few reasons why a VS Pump should be your go-to choice when deciding on a pump for your swimming pool. From saving on your energy bills, ease of use, higher quality/longer-term warranty, and even less noise. For a more in-depth breakdown of the benefits of a variable speed pool pump, check out one of our other blogs, Benefits of Variable Speed Pool Pumps, HERE.

Keep in mind that there is a new law that is going to be put into effect on July 18, 2021. This mandate is called the “Energy Conservation Standards for Dedicated-Purpose Pool Pumps.” The purpose of this mandate is to help with environmental regulation to aid “green eco-friendly initiatives” and will require all pool pumps of a certain horsepower rating to meet a new efficiency threshold. If you are curious to see if your pump is still up to code, feel free to give us a call and we can inform you if you are in the clear, or if you need to upgrade your existing pool pump.

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