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Off-Season Pool Care Tips: Winter in Florida

Pool owners in Florida are always looking for off-season pool care tips. When it comes to off-season pool care, winter can be the hardest time of year. Winter is when pools are most susceptible to algae growth and other contamination that can cause health issues or even death for those who swim in them. This blog post will go over some off-season pool care tips that you can use during the winter months in Florida!

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Florida Winter Pool Care Tips

As most Floridians know, winter in the sunshine state doesn’t compare to our neighbors up north, however, winter freezes and colder weather can bring some problems for your swimming pool. Here are the step-by-step tips from the Clean Pool Company to help you prepare for the upcoming swimming pool off-season. 1. Give Your Pool a Good Deep-Clean Winter can be unpredictable - especially in Florida. That is why it is important for you to give your pool a good deep clean before winterizing. Clean off the walls, tiles, and floor surface of your pool using a brush to prevent stains and algae growth. Remove all loose debris like sticks or leaves to ensure that they won't get in the way and clog your pump. If it seems like you can’t remove everything with a simple skimmer attachment, it might be time to enlist a robotic pool vacuum to reach the debris at the bottom of your pool.

2. Make Sure Chemicals are Balanced

Maintain your pool's chemicals in the winter as you would during summer. Maintaining calcium hardness at 200 PPM and alkaline levels between 80-120ppm will keep it safe for use all year round without lowering pH below 7 or raising chlorine above 473 ppm (depending on what kind of additives are used). PS. You don't have to drain anything if you plan on keeping your pool open! Thank goodness, because Orlando rarely sees freezing temperatures this time around.

3. Inspect & Run Your Pump

Running the pool pump helps keep your water clean and safe, whether you plan to close it completely or not. Running this essential machine at least six hours per day will help skim the debris out if possible; when temperatures drop to near freezing (or below), make sure they stay circulating by running through the night too! Don't forget about adding chlorine - without proper circulation from a floating chlorinator attached with no motorized parts activated during these conditions, potential damage could occur more quickly than expected.

4. Remove All Extra Accessories

Pool toys should be removed from the water and also all ladders or handrails detached. There are a few things you can do to make sure it's safe for your pool cover: take out anything that could collect rainwater like inflatable loungers or other floats, detach handrails if needed so it won't get caught on something during heavy rains (health hazards!), remove lights outside of enclosure - they'll just attract bugs!

5. Use a Swimming Pool Cover

Covering the pool, even if you don't plan to perform any further winterizing steps reduces your cleaning and chemical chores. The cover should not have large gaps or holes where debris could enter into it - a mesh-type will protect against dirt and leaves while preventing accidental drowning in case someone walks onto its surface; plus rainwater seeps through so there's no need for an extra pump!

Winter in Florida: The Clean Pool Company

We all know the off-season is coming, and with it comes winter in Florida. Off-season preparation is important to avoid any nasty surprises when you decide to get back into your swimming pool this summer! Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your pool in tip-top shape throughout the winter. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. The Clean Pool Company is here to help you with all of your Central Florida swimming pool needs.

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