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If you’re in Orlando, FL, you’ve probably seen one of our service trucks around town. Orlando locals have trusted the the Clean Pool Company name for pool repairs for years. We are here when you need help.

With our pool equipment repair plans we can repair your pool system, pool pumps, filters, cleaners, heaters, lights, plumbing problems, and more!


Ready to get started with a free estimate to clean your pool, set up weekly maintenance, or repair that piece of pool equipment?

Perfect! We offer free inspections and estimates on pool cleaning, pool maintenance, and even pool equipment repairs and replacements.

Pool Cleaning

Our goal for our pool cleaning services is to maintain a clean and fully functioning pool for our customers – year around. For new customers – we guarantee that within 36 hours your pool will be clean and clear, like you've always intended. After some proper filtration and brushing by our service technicians, your pool will be looking like new and ready to enjoy in no time!


Areas that we service:

  • Orlando

  • Winter Park

  • Maitland

  • Oviedo

  • Winter Springs

  • Lake Nona


How we clean unenclosed pools:

  • Weekly full system check of pool equipment

  • Routine checking and setting of your pool timer

  • Inspecting O-Rings wherever necessary

  • Weekly chlorine, pH, and alkalinity testing/balancing

  • Cleaning and brushing of pool tiles, walls, stairs, and steps

  • Netting pool debris as needed

  • Vacuuming to pool floor to clear debris


Pool Cleaning

Are you looking for a weekly swimming pool service in Orlando or a surrounding area in Central Florida? Our weekly full-service visit for residential pools (under 20,000 gallons) includes:

  • Ensuring your pool is spotless from top to bottom

  • Skim pool surface, netting leaves and debris

  • Brush pool steps, seats and walls as needed

  • Vacuum your pool for small debris as needed

  • Inspect pool equipment for proper operation


What is included in your pool cleaning service?

The Clean Pool Company's full-service, weekly cleaning includes checking the chemistry, netting the pool, cleaning your pool's tile, brushing the entire wall surface of the pool, vacuuming the pool as needed, cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets, cleaning your pool fIlter, and doing a visual equipment check. To get an estimate for cleaning your pool, just click here.

What is your most popular pool cleaning service?

Our customers with screen enclosed pools love our bi-weekly full cleaning service. The bi-weekly option is our most popular cleaning service for clients with screen enclosed pools. Weekly full cleaning is the most popular with clients who have unscreened pools. Brush basket and filter service is our fastest growing pool cleaning service as well. Brush basket and filter servicing ensures that your equipment will continuosly function properly.

Will my swimming pool and spa be cleaned and serviced on the same day each week?

Yes! We schedule our technicians on a consistent basis to maintain your swimming pool. Exceptions during holiday weeks or severe weather may arise, but we will always communicate schedule changes whenever possible with all of our clients. This gives you peace of mind when hiring the Clean Pool Company.

Can I change the day of the week that my pool is serviced?

The Clean Pool Company and our technicians try our very best to accommodate different scheduling issues that may arise. We service neighborhoods based on geographical zones per day. If an issue arises please call our customer service.

Can you do anything to help lower my electric bill?

Most definitely! Old technology that drive pool motors are usually the second biggest energy users at your home. We offer energy efficient variable speed replacement motors that meet Florida’s new Pool Energy Law, and more importantly save you money.